The Effects of Creativity Done Right

You can’t view a finished piece of anything without having your inner soul tell you upfront that you suck right? Wrong!

guy drawing_instagram effect

The Trouble I hear…

When people look at my artwork and tell me right off the bat how bad they are at drawing after   seeing mine, I immediately become upset. Now how could that be? They never said anything about my artwork, so does that mean they hate it?

Artists are changing people too. They are people that have hit that point in their lives after using a certain medium for a large portion of their “hobby time” and realize that they can achieve more. That’s where they take control of their imagination and start souring through the air. People on the outside, however, gave up a long time ago. And if you’re an artists like me, you can easily say, “I was just like them. I hit that point in my life too!”

Over the years, I grew up understanding that I was right about this notion of people being rude and cutting you off in the middle of your art presentation. But I’ve learned in that same time how much I’ve been blind to my cynicism.


…and take a close look at some of these links:




These are artists that had to draw something before making their portfolios. And they heard plenty of people tell them that same old comparing statement. At this point, however, they can laugh and encourage the other person. Cause in the back of their minds, they squash them. This is the affect any person, creative or not, can have when viewing artwork that is done right.

stop thinking Think…

So now that I’m an artist, I’m under that affect from a lot of designers and other creative phenomenon. As I mentioned before, I’ve been kindled a little for being a little too prideful. I used to think a lot to myself that any kind of professional artist could be anything he wanted to. The problem with that was I had forgotten how we’re still human. We screw up all the time still.

Go back and look at the caricaturist artist who’s link I’ve listed as the third one. After viewing that, I challenge you to consider his other work and ask yourself this, “Is his other work equally amazing?”

My Argument

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Not all of the artwork out there is legitimately amazing. It doesn’t matter what your taste is, or whether you know a thing or two about it. The point of all this is that we can’t say to someone who’s drawing, “Oh, I could never do that.” SURE YOU CAN! It will just look different. I would argue that every person is gifted with some form of creativity. Meaning they can make something. I read in a book by an interesting fellow named Stephen Altrogge (you can view his websites here and here). He wrote a book on creativity called, “Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff”. He brings up the example of creating. And what’s very key to his mission is to help people see their lives are full of creative purpose. Cooking is an art form, why else would it be called Culinary?! (not all food tastes good and looks pretty at the same time). It’s all ARTWORK!

Keatley_Howard_Schultz_portrait In conclusion, stop and listen to yourself and reconsider. Reconsider that you may not be good at moving a pencil, but your fingers and eye-hand coordination could still make the business move in a different way.

 I mean, look what the CEO of Starbucks did! (for lack thereof, and I also had to read about this stuff when joining the company, but Wikipedia still presents the story accurately)

Fight against your denial. Not all artists are great at what they do, their style is what makes them appear good. So why call yourself stupid when you haven’t discovered your style! Let this effect take control and get things right!